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Over the eight years of our existence, we have implemented a number of great IT projects, linked universities with practice, and combined innovative projects, ideas and startups with the right talents. Active collaboration with students and universities enriches our teams with talented graduates.
About us

IT match brings the future in IT work system

We create Onshore, Offshore, and Near Shore teams with their own culture, infrastructure and devops for the most ambitious projects. We are building teams with corporate cultures inspired by FWOW (future way of working).
Igor Stano

Igor Stano


Igor is a senior IT expert. He has years of experience in creating and leading the Alcatel development center on international level. As a lecturer and coach he specializes on process and organizational audits, setting HR processes, competency models, management of change and project implementation to new markets. He runs soft skills workshops at universities STU FIIT and FMFI UK.

Michal Korman

Michal Korman


Michal has been in IT for over 15 years. He is a co-founder of a software house with 45 in-house specialists, who are leaders in development and design. Michal is a mentor of big companies and startups in business development, innovations and latest trends in technology.

Eva Sajbidorova ITMATCH

Eva Šajbidorová


Eva is in business development for over the past 10 years with a focus on dealing with building and maintaining customer relationships and finding new business opportunities. Her role is to ensure that customers meet specific customer requirements when building internal and external IT teams.

Vlastimil Mazal ITMATCH

Vlastimil Mazal

Business developer

After he had worked in various senior management roles for multinational corporations such as Dell, IBM or E.ON for 10 years, Vlastimil has successfully created and launched several businesses, mostly focused on helping companies deliver operational excellence and decrease costs. His experience and unique perspective enables him to use holistic approach in solving client`s problems. In IT Match, he engages with customers from the very beginning to ensure that the services offered meet and exceed all of their expectations.

Anna Kormanova

Anna Kormanová


Anna is a passionate mathematician, interested by the world of modern technology. Anna is looking for the best talents for your projects.

Jozefina Fusek ITMATCH

Jozefína Fusek

IT konzultant

Jozefína's experience in psychology, career counseling and performance motivation makes her an ideal mediator between our clients and IT specialists.

Klaudia Warchalová ITMATCH

Klaudia Warchalová

Marketing specialist

Klaudia brings creative ideas to life. She is responsible for branding, digital marketing strategy and content creation.

Roman Velcik

Roman Velcik

Business development

Young and enthusiastic senior ICT business development manager with 10 years of professional experience in ICT Sales and Account management. His pool of customers was made of Small businesses up to corporate clients and his business successes are including customers across European regions and the US as well.