QA / Testing

In order for a software solution to be succesfull, it must meet all requirements and quality that have been agreed on and set in the beggining. Our team of testers provides comprehensive services in software testing and quality control services.

To ensure the quality assurance of a software solution,

  • we verify the fulfillment of the client's requirements and check compliance with project specifications 
  • we review developer outputs to meet predefined norms and standards 
  • we test software to look for bugs of various kinds in the shortest possible time and at the lowest level of development

When a software is being tested, we monitor behavior of the system under specific conditions that simulate the real environment. Testing is important process for detecting any deficiencies or deviations from the client's requirements. It also verifies the behavior in heavy load conditions in terms of input data, security and endurance.

We test software manually when the system is tested by the user, or automatically, using our automated testing tools.

We provide:

• functional testing,
• Inoperative testing,
• static testing,
• dynamic testing,
• user experience (UX) testing,
• system and integration testing,
• business process testing,
• and penetration tests.


Process of testing in brief

  • At first is the testing consulted with you, 
  • than we prepare and perform the testing, 
  • at last, final results of the testing are evaluated and interpreted.


Why should a software be tested before its launch?

  • the risk of application errors is minimized
  • you will overcome users' dissatisfaction
  • the process quality is increased because programmers get feedback on time which shortenes delivery of final software


Quality Assurance is the foundation of a successful project and is often required by many companies. 

We can take over existing projects and cover every kind of testing and help companies that do not have their own team of testers.