Consulting services

We conduct internal audits in companies to improve the efficiency of internal activities, align multiple departments and propose the necessary measures.

Your expectations
Get an independent external view of the existing organization and implement the proposed measures to align departments, optimize processes, implement control mechanisms for tracking and performing tasks.

Our solution
Three-phase modularity audit project

  1. preparation 
  2. audit
  3. Implementation support: Follow-up

Other stages are optional

  1. Competency model mapping and setting
  2. Individual coaching / mentoring
  3. Interim manager role

The uniqueness of solutions

  • Support for implementation through coaching.
  • Transferring responsibility for project effect to participants.
  • Assistance in implementing the proposed measures.
  • Use the knowledge and experience of other organizations.
  • Trying to know the internal situation of the client.

Benefits of solution for organization
Greater chance of success in transforming the company into performance and process-oriented.

References will be sent on request.