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Disclaimer first: If recruiting IT people is your actual job, please don`t stop doing it on my account. I would hate to be the target of your manager`s hate mail😊…

There is, unsurprisingly, a lasting shortage of qualified IT staff. As we keep adding new CRM and ERP systems, UIX platforms, games, cloud services, AI bots and AR apps, we struggle to match the manpower to computing power. In short, we can`t seem to produce desired numbers of skilled humans quickly enough to maintain all the wonderful tech creations that we`ve already become accustomed to. And, on top of that, we are still creating new useful and useless miracles in the virtual world at an unprecedented rate.

So in this brave new world, how does one ensure that their company has the edge? Easy: one needs to have the best possible people for the job. There are only a few minor issues with that.

First, the best possible person for the job can live 10,000 miles away, unable or unwilling to move or commute. Second, they can require benefits that one`s company might have a hard time providing. Third, they might want assurances of their status and continuity in the company that greatly add to one`s future risks. Fourth, the best possible IT person may just be unfit to thrive in certain corporate cultures. Fifth, they can clash with non-IT people about virtually everything, reducing the company`s performance results.

Consider choosing your mate for life: the winner in the “Best Available Locally” category will probably not be your first choice. Neither will you discard a perfect partner just because “she unreasonably asks that you stop seeing your clingy ex.” In today`s over-teched world, you depend on your IT department more than ever before. Choosing them carefully is a must. Being able to get all the best possible people – who will get along, cooperate and enhance company`s assets – is damn near impossible.

That`s where we come in. The humble professionals in building shared service centers. In the geographical heart of Europe, there is a small country where you can speak English (mostly), pay in Euros and locate some of the most gifted programmers on the planet. Dozens of American, British, French and German companies have built their successful service centers here – including IBM, Dell, JLR, AT&T, Accenture, T-Systems and many others.  With a progressive yet balanced Labor Code, mad language skills, knowledgeable workforce and one of TOP 10 wealthiest regions in European Union, Slovakia is uniquely placed to become the most important European IT hub in the next decade.

The whole idea of IT offshoring and outsourcing in Slovakia can be boiled down to a single sentence:

The rules & regulations in the country, combined with high levels of technical and language education, allow creation of highly effective IT units, able to function in a variety of conditions and for any clients in the civilized world.

Workforce attrition (even in IT) is very low, while their productivity and motivation is quite high. We don`t aim to be the low-cost provider of minimum wage labor – far from it. The goal - finding and keeping the best possible people – takes precedence from everything else. And once we have them (and we have them 😊), it`s only a matter of pairing them up with the specific, perfect project. Like the one you`re still recruiting for.

Why again?


-Vlastimil Mazal