Find the Perfect Team to Match Your IT Projects

Companies, large and small alike, have similar frustrations - Where do we find the perfect individuals (or teams) to handle our new project? Search no further, ITMATCH can eliminate this pain point. With the ability to provide expert coders and developers, your project can be underway in a short time with limited lag. Afterall, time is money. 

The company takes experts that align perfectly to the project that you have in mind, making the match painless for your company. ITMATCH focuses on accumulating truly talented individuals who know the best ways to deliver simple or more complex projects for companies. Luckily there is a great place that developers grow on trees and it’s actually right in your backyard.

If you’ve never heard of Slovakia, here is a crash course in what’s so special about the workforce that hails from this country.

The mobile workforce has moved forward with IT, and has shown that this is the industry that the Slovaks naturally gravitate towards. With multiple IT-related schools in the country, a massive interest to study the more technical fields has increased significantly. From Java, Python, Angular, React, etc. all levels of expertise is available in the country and with steady flow. 

Wait. What about language barriers when using Slovaks? 

Not a problem. One of the conditions of multinational companies moving many of there services to Slovakia was due in part to the excellent English speaking abilities of the workforce as a whole. Fortune 500 companies are still moving to the country to create EMEA and CEE headquarters, even US and UK support. The average language comprehension level of working aged Slovaks is at B1 (according to EU standards), but the devops teams also speak “IT”, of course.

The country repeatedly continues to prove it’s value to the world, specifically in the IT realm. Right now ITMATCH is ready to help you with onsite, nearshore, or remote power teams that will make your startup, or international brand’s project happen. The company has been providing project delivery and continues to work with truly remarkable companies across Europe.

Additional facts you should know about Slovakia

The country has two major export industries, automotive and IT-related. In fact, Bratislava is often referred to as Danube Valley, being a soft comparison to Silicon Valley, California. The Country uses the Euro, which ensures ease of international trade. On top of all that, the country sits closer to your office than you previously thought. The capital city, Bratislava, sits only 45 minutes away from Vienna, 2 hours from Budapest, and 4 hours from Prague. This is the new hub of European IT businesses. 

IT MATCH works with multiple verticals and is able to offer methods to execute small, medium, or massive projects - with confidence and proven competencies.

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